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It’s true. I feel like I’m not. Both at home and in my circle of friends.

At home there isn’t much for me to do about it.

In my group of friends, though, I’m slowly shifting away from them…because I don’t put in the effort, because I just don’t wanna go out 80% of the time, and when I do, it’s just to get coffee or something, and because when I approach them they’re all “Omfg. You’re actually with us? Wow *shun*”..or at least some of them are like that.

The deal with my one ‘close’ friend. Is that she can’t be happy for me.

I like a guy..

And he likes me back. (PRAISE THE LAWD)

And she can’t be happy for me.

It’s a challenge for her.

I try my best to try to evenly divide my time, but it just isn’t enough for her.

It pisses me off the great extents.

It really does.

So, that’s why I’m reconnecting with old friends.

And making new ones.

Ones that’ll understand me.

New Year, New Start?

Most likely. 

Hard times?

You have no clue.

i think i’m okay. i think i’m fine. please…no one mess this up.